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Log-a- Load set for this Saturday

By Jody Stewart
Log a Load for kids is this Saturday at the Oaks. The annual Log a Load for Kids campaign has always seen a great success here in Chambers County and that is expected to be the case hopefully once again this year.

Log a Load for Kids is a statewide campaign that raises money for wonderful reasons. Log a Load first Partnered with The Children’s of Alabama in 1992. 1995 they adopted the Children’s of Alabama CHIPS CLINIC, Children’s Hospital Intervention Prevention Services.
Mandy Cain the local organizer say’s “We personally hand the money directly to Children’s of Alabama without any in between people so therefore they receive 100% of the profits. I took over the chair in 2016 and it has been a pure pleasure since. It is a devoted drive of mine to succeed each year for our area. I begin planning around 6 months in the making before the day comes together each year. I have a huge team of devoted people that come together each year to make this day happen. I would like to personally thank Amanda Slay. She is also a logger’s wife, mother of two small boys, and a devoted worker of this event.”

Cain went on to say that Slay helped collect many of the auction items and then organizes them to pull the auction off each year. Cain also thanked Chris Ison who sold large amounts of our gun raffle tickets this year. Cain, “He goes above and beyond the call of duty to get these tickets sold at large quantities.”

Cain said that our area raised around $15,000 the year covid hit in 2020 and even when they were not able to have the event. Private donations from patrons were recieved that year to help carry on the wonderful tradition of Log a Load.

2021 was a reboot from a year off and it was the most successful event Piedmont District has ever completed. They were able to raise $77,780.99. Cain said “it was marvelous! I love this area and the devotion people have for this yearly event.”

2022 is coming together and Cain says they already have 20 teams already paid and registered for Saturday which is another record breaker of preregistered teams. “I hope that is a positive look into how well this event will do on Saturday, April 23.”

Mandy Cain ,“I plan to continue this event and run it and devote many years into Children’s Hospital of Alabama. I want to thank the loggers of this area because they are very generous and have hearts of gold. My family is like a working unit when it comes to Log a Load each year. Abby, my daughter, pulls together volunteers from Chambers Academy and organizes each job. Wyatt, my son, helps organize, makes many trips with loads of the necessities that are always a must for this event to work. I need to thank my husband, Thad Cain, who devotedly stands next to me and helps in every area he possible can. –My whole extended family also comes together to help each year. I always must refer to Mrs. Janet Ison for advice and assistance because she laid the road to Log a Load in this area back in 1998. Lastly, I want to thank every participant, volunteer, The Oak’s Gun Club, and the ladies once again from Children’s of Alabama that I work closely with each year for their devotion and commitment.”

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