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Marion spends ARPA funds for recreation, new tractor

By John Raffel

MARION – The Marion Village Council had a discussion at its monthly meeting last week on how to spend $45,000 on American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) monies.
A motion was passed to spend it this way: $1,000 for eight new chairs for the community room; $29,000 for a new tractor from Ina Store; $5,000 for the Marion millpond project and $10,000 for the recreation project.
The council passed a motion to purchase the chairs for the community room and purchase the tractor for the sidewalks.
A motion was passed to put an ad out for a new zoning administrator.
During the meeting, village council president Flora Grundy said she had reached out to the Michigan Municipal League, village attorney and the accountant and asked if it would be a conflict of interest to have Tony Maddox be the zoning administrator.
Grundy said the Michigan Municipal League referred the village to the attorney, whose first impression is that having a village trustee be the zoning administrator would be incompatible.
The accountant noted that under the duties of a trustee, an elected officer, cannot serve simultaneously as a member or employee of the zoning board. The zoning administrator is an employee of the village and therefore, can’t serve on the zoning board.

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