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May I Walk With You?: Who does that?

By now most of us have seen the CarShield commercial that has a gentleman say that they paid to have his engine repaired and his transmission repaired saving him thousands of dollars.
Then he says, “Who does that?” It is great question. Beginning with Christmas we have a God who is born of a virgin in a stable. He is then visited by Magi who have travelled many miles to do Him homage and bring Him gifts, following a star. Then we hear about His baptism and God the Father saying, “This is my beloved Son.” And last week we heard that, this baby, now a man, changes water into wine at the request of His mother.
Who does that?!
Later in His life He will heal lepers, cure a blind man, feed thousands by multiplying fishes and loaves, forgive sinners, exorcise demons, and raise Lazarus from the dead. He will teach us how to live, reveal the Father to us, and call people to follow Him, and they do. He will be proclaimed to be the greatest as He enters Jerusalem only later to be betrayed, arrested, whipped and beaten and crucified.
Who does that?
He then rises from the dead! He appears to His followers, walks and talks with them, eats with them, and establishes His Church, before ascending to heaven and sending the Holy Spirit upon His followers, giving them wisdom and courage to share the Good New with the whole world.
Who does that?
Who is this person who did all of these things some two thousand years ago and is still remembered and worshipped today?
We get that answer from God the Father at Jesus’ baptism, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!”
Since then, people everywhere, in every generation and on every continent, and every moment say that the person who did these things is Jesus, the second person of the Trinity.
Who is this person who continues to reveal himself to us and love us, and asks us to repent and live the Gospel?
Who is it that calls us into relationship with him that we might be eternally happy? “
Who does that?!” is a question that we all must answer for ourselves.
Some will say that He is myth. Others will say that He is just a good man and that the stories about him are embellishments.
Others will ignore the question. Others will say that He is God, deserving to be loved and worshipped, the Savior.
For me, He is the Lord of my life, the one I follow. I am all in. Who do you say this person is?
“May the Lord bless and keep you. May He let His face shine upon you and give you His peace.””

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