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Missaukee approves $935k in funding

By John Raffel

LAKE CITY – The Missaukee County Board of Commissioners voted at its recent meeting to approve project funding worth $935,000.
The projects are to be paid for from Fund 214.
Fully funded projects are for $2,500 to Silent Observer for signs and materials;
$7,500 for Forest Township for Jenema Road overlay funding gap; $8,000 for rumble strips and paint cross walk for the Merritt Community Group; and $300,000 for Holland Township’s Dolph Road Bridge with $100,000 and $200,000 paid back to the county by MCRC within two years of completion.
There were several partially projects approved.
This includes $10,000 for Lake City Area Schools and an outdoor classroom at Missaukee Mountain; $25,000 for Missaukee Mountain and new ski/snowboard rentals/free ski; $30,000 for Missaukee Chamber and chamber office renovations; $35,000 for Lake Township and Senior Center Improvements; $75,000 for City of Lake and City Land Purchase; $67,000 and Friends Ministry Friends Community Housing and $185,000 for City of McBain lead service line replacement.
Partial funding was approved of $190,000 for Missaukee fire department’s 800 Mhz acquisition.
The commissioners gave administrator Liz Vogel authority to work with legal counsel to draft and execute contracts between the county grantor and organizations and municipalities awarded funding grants.

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