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Osceola buys Evart property for EMS base

By John Raffel

The Osceola County Board of Commissioners, at Tuesday’s meeting, voted to purchase two acres of property from the county road commission at a cost of $8,000 for an EMS base in the Evart area.
“That was contingent on soil exploration since it had been used by the road commissioner to see if there was oil or anything there,” commissioner Roger Elkins, of Evart, said.
Commissioners approved a part-time position at Grade 6, Step 1 (either two half days or one full eight-hour day per week) for the building department.
“Right now, there’s just a secretary there,” Elkins said. “If she’s gone, there’s no one there to help handle things.”
Commissioners approved the AAAWM FY22 Older Americans Act Funding Contract Amendment and also the Reliance Choice Waiver Program POS Agreement Amendment.
The board approved the EMS write-offs to collection for $28,139.19.
“It’s quarterly that we do those,” Elkins said.
Also approved was the EMS job descriptions for mentor and station coordinator.
Commissioners also approved EMS in writing a joint grant with Osceola, Mecosta County Sheriff Departments and Mecosta County EMS to Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority to obtain a grant to provide leadership training. The cost of three-day supervisor training is $24,000.
“There are some things our insurance will approve automatically,” Elkins said. “A smaller grant would be available. They’re hoping with these four units, this will give them a better chance to get funding.

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