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Pat’s Bits and Pieces: All about May days

Why is it that warmer weather makes the clock go faster? In February, the days always seem twice as long.
It just doesn’t seem fair that January, February and March seem to last for six months while May, June and July only seem to last about three weeks! We won’t even talk about April, which was a particularly nasty month this year… I keep waiting for more snow to fall. It just isn’t normal to have this much nice weather before Memorial Day in this part of Michigan…
Summertime means fast time.
Oh, I know the calendar doesn’t say it is summer yet, but when the lilacs bloom and the thermometer climb’s all the way to 70 degrees regularly – it’s summer. Two weeks ago, we had snow flurries. Today (Monday) it is 75 degrees and sunny out there.
Last weekend we made a day trip up to get started on our usual spring chore — opening the camper. (We caught so many mice this time, I couldn’t count them all.) While we were up at Roscommon Saturday, we spent some time visiting, sprayed around the campsite for ticks (they are bad this year again) and cleaned all of the counters and checked the drawers for those little “brown seeds” the mice leave for us.
On our way back home again, we could see spring advancing even as we drove south. Up there the trees are just beginning to bud. Around here, flowers are blooming all over the place and we even have baby leaves on our own new trees, four out of five of them anyway.
Here it is May already, and in fact on Sunday the month will be half over! How’s that for fast time?
Graduation for three area schools (Clare, Coleman and Harrison) is just one week away now and Memorial Day arrives two weeks from Monday… The weekend after Memorial Day will be Farwell’s graduation.
I think May is my favorite month. It is really the beginning of things and it ends up with the bonus of a three-day holiday.
It really is a great month. Everything is green again. It smells great outside. You still have most of those short summer months to look forward to. The kids are excited because school is winding down again and summer vacation isn’t far away.
May is cool breezes and warm sunshine. It is the scent of green things growing and the incredibly sweet smell of lilacs in bloom. I always loved their perfume when we lived on the Tobacco. The whole yard smelled absolutely beautiful in the spring.
Knowing how much I loved spring on the river, for Mother’s Day, Jack bought me two lilac bushes that will be planted next week. Two of the trees we planted last year are flowering crab and they might have a few blooms on them this year – I hope.
I sure miss all the flowers we always had blooming this time of year out on the river.
Along with all those fabulous smells, May is the taste of fresh chives, morels and wild asparagus. It’s lacy new leaves and the delicate purple faces of wild violets growing beside bright yellow dandelions in the impossibly green grass.
May is newly awakened bumblebees and the return of the hummingbirds (we have had one at our feeder already), baby birds cheeping, frogs peeping and sometimes a glimpse of wild babies in the woods.
We don’t have nearly as much wildlife here, but there are geese and deer in the fields across the road, and bunnies living in our little cattail patch on the other side of the garage.
That lush green grass is still a novelty so you aren’t tired of mowing yet and speaking of mowing, it looks like we need to do that already. We are just waiting for the ground to dry up a bit from all of the rain we had in the last two weeks of April.
Unfortunately, we won’t be hunting for morels in the back yard this year like in years past. What a treat they were! Jack would always find enough in the back yard on the river for at least one side dish for a meal. Guess if we want any this year, we will have to find a new place to hunt for them…
Sounds like a great reason to get outside and enjoy the early summer weather. It could change – and probably will…..

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