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Pat’s Bits and Pieces: Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays

Tis the season again. The family birthday season that is. And the older I get the harder it is to remember them all.
In this family about 80 percent of the family birthdays fall during the first few months of the year.
Birthdays are so much fun, especially for the youngsters. I have always wished mine fell during the summer though. For one thing, there’s never much in the checkbook to celebrate with this time of year. This weekend it will be dinner at Jayson’s with some of the Thayers.
Growing up, I had to share mine with my brother Don the day before mine and my Mom’s on the 22nd. That meant one cake, one party and presents all around. Little brat that I was, I wanted a day all for me. Mom and Don are both gone now. You should be careful what you wish for. I would love to be able to share my day and a cake with them once again.
Now with March only a little over a week away, We will be celebrating birthdays for the whole Thayer Clan. Lisa starts it out and Alea and Alison, three years apart to the day, share a cake, have a joint party and both get loads of presents. Their big day is only a little over three weeks away. Son-in-Law Terry gets a whole St. Patrick’s Day celebration for his birthday on the 17th.
Looking back to the beginning of 2022, we are already celebrating the sixth one since January 1st.
Grandson Jesse celebrated his on January 8 and nephews Matt and Kathy (on my side) and Chad (on Jack’s side) all share January birthdays. Then we used to have a little reprieve, which is now quickly being filled as the great-grandbabies arrive.
February used to be just Jayson, just celebrating his last Sunday, and mine this Thursday. Then on February 5th, just two years ago, great-grandson Watson Jack arrived. Jim’s great granddaughter Emma was born February 24th, filling up that month nicely.
And along with the Thayer clan, Niece Kelly, nephew-in-law Scott, great nieces Elena and Kyleigh, and niece Sarah also arrived in March.
April 2 brings one for nephew Troy and one for Mary Lisa, brother Jim’s daughter. Granddaughter-in-law Kayla celebrates on the 19th, and daughter-in-law Kami is on the 20th.
In early May, sister-in-law Cathy will celebrate hers May 6th and on May 10th, Cheryl, our second great arrived. Mid-May brings a birthday for granddaughter Mandy on the 14th – that just doesn’t seem possible – it seems like just the other day that she was a toddler. Now a Mom, she is expecting our eighth great (a girl this time) in August. Other May birthdays will be celebrated for great nephew Orion and sister-in-law Marlene.
After May the celebrations slow down a little.
In June, it is time for granddaughter Kristina to celebrate. Also, the birthday of great-niece Elise.
July brings son Don’s, my brother Jim’s and Jack’s brother Brent’s big days. Niece Erin, Great nieces Rowan and Alyssa and great-granddaughter Amelia fill out that month.
Granddaughter Sammi has her birthday in August as does her finance Michael, and brother Jim’s granddaughter Sophia.
I am going to stop there as I have covered the beginning, and the middle of the year, pretty well, I think.
Hope I didn’t leave anyone out… Good thing I have ‘most’ of them written down and of course Facebook helps — if they are listed that is…
I think we should just pick a day every month and celebrate each of those months’ birthdays at the same time.
As it is now, I should invest in Hallmark cards I think.

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