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Plainwell’s Randall chosen to attend Grammy Camp

Maryn Randall will attend Grammy Camp as part of the singer/songwriter track. (Photo provided)

By Jason Wesseldyk
Sports Editor

Maryn Randall can’t imagine her life without music.
“I would say I fell in love with music at an early age, probably before I could even talk,” the Plainwell High School senior said. “My parents, especially my mom, made sure to surround me with music, which I’m extremely grateful for.”
The next stop on Randall’s musical journey is Los Angles, where she’ll participate in the week-long Grammy Camp from July 14 to 20.
The camp is geared toward high school students interested in careers in the music industry. Randall will be involved in the camp’s singer/songwriter track.
“I was absolutely thrilled when I found out I’d been accepted to the camp,” Randall said. ‘My mom FaceTimed me and told me she got a call from someone from the camp and that I got in. I jumped out of my seat and immediately started crying.
“To say I was overjoyed is an understatement.”
Randall’s selection to the Grammy Camp puts her in exclusive company.
Only 75 to 85 high school students from across the country are chosen to participate in the camp each year.
“Maryn is an immensely talented performer and person,” Plainwell High School principal Jeremy Wright said. “We are not surprised that she had this opportunity, but we are very happy for her. 
“She has been the lead in several of our musicals and will no doubt represent Plainwell in a positive way.”
Randall originally heard about Grammy Camp from a friend who’d attended a few years ago. Then in February, one of her band teachers sent her an email with information about the camp.
She decided it was time to apply.
“The application process was pretty tedious,” Randall said. “It took me a couple days to complete. I had to submit four videos of me singing—two were original songs, two were cover songs—a video essay, a music bio and another form of application.
“It was also very selective on their end, so I’m extremely honored to be selected for the camp.”
Learning and performing experiences at the camp will include:

  • Forum discussions, Workshops, Clinics, Panels, and Master Classes with Top Industry Professionals;
  • Individual and small group instruction;
  • Interactivity between various Career Tracks;
  • Media, performance and recording projects;
  • Music business best practices: How to make a living in the music business.
    “I’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other people and write songs, sing and perform on the last day of the camp,” Randall said.
    Guest artists scheduled to appear include Maren Morris, Jeremy Zucker and Blu DeTiger. 
    According to Randall, her mother Cynthia has played a major role in helping Randall develop a passion for music.
    “My mom taught me how to truly listen to music,” Randall said. “How to decipher it. How to listen to every part of a song whether it be the meaning of the lyrics, the bass line or the intricacy of the percussion in the background.
    “We would listen to music in the car and she would ask me, ‘Do you hear the bass guitar?’ She would ask me these questions so I could learn how to truly listen to music, and it has really helped me appreciate music.”
    It didn’t take long for Randall to recognize just how powerful music was and the impact it can have on people.
    “Music has the power to change lives, mine being one of them,” she said. “Certain melodies bring me certain emotions, certain lyrics help me know there are people out there who feel the same way I do. This can help me connect to how I’m feeling as well as help me express myself. I never take music for granted.”
    When it comes to her songwriting, Randall finds inspiration from a variety of sources.
    “I have a note in my phone where I write down my observations, lyrics, poems, interactions and emotions I find significant or meaningful,” she said. “I usually use it as a reference when I’m writing. I also spend a lot of time coming up with melodies on guitar or piano that I later match with lyrics.
    “It can be a rigorous process that can be anything from absolutely hating what I’m writing, to falling in love with a melody or lyric I write that I knew was true for me, one that I never knew I connected with until I spoke it or sang it and wrote it in my journal.”
    Randall plans to continue writing and performing songs well into the future, with a goal of releasing her own music.
    “It’s one of the things that brings me the most joy,” she said.

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