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Sparse turnout approves school millage requests

By Gari Voss

The May 3, 2022 election results have been tabulated. Across Allegan County, the voter turnout was sparce, but millage requests did well across Allegan County.
The average voter turnout across the county was 11.84%. Examining the votes cast found that Otsego Township had the highest turnout of 21.85% casting votes for the Allegan Public renewals. Most of the other precincts hovered around 11%.
Even with the low turnout, the bottom line was that proposals will continue to assist school in making repairs, townships repairing roads and keeping law enforce, and senior citizens continuing their programs.
Allegan Public School had two renewals. The first recovered operating millage lost because of Headley decreases, and the second renewed the sinking fund of 0.9853 mills for building repairs. The operating millage passed 1,119 yes to 541 no while the sinking fund passed 1030 yes and 626 no.
Zeeland Public Schools’ operating millage also received a thumbs up when combining results from Allegan and Ottawa Counties. In addition, their recreational mileage was not only renewed but increased to 0.5 mills from the present .3936 mills.
Townships also fared well. Casco Township gave a positive 245 yes to 71 no on their road millage renewal. In addition, their Senior Services millage was renewed 237 yes to 79 no.
Fillmore Township approved their new road repair and maintenance millage 273 yes to 58 no. At the same time, the Fillmore Township Police Protection millage renewal passed 290 yes and 42 no.
Trowbridge asked for a new Road Improvement millage that passed 151 yes and 89 no.
The only city to request a millage proposal was the City of Fennville. The new millage will cover public safety with a 41 yes and 33 no result.
Results will follow the steps of being certified at the County then the State levels. In the meanwhile, school boards, township trustees and city councils can breathe a sigh of relief and move forward with their plans.

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