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Grant Twp discusses $249k cost for Kapplinger Road

By Pat Maurer

About half of the Grant Township meeting Tuesday evening involved the road projects for the coming year specifically the improvements to Kapplinger Road, which Township Supervisor Dan Dysinger said is “currently way over budget, even without the finish surface.”
The board had questions and concerns about the cost overruns on Kapplinger, Dysinger said. 
He told the board, “We hope to eventually finish Kapplinger next summer depending on further ditching and leveling of the roadway. It is not nearly ready for finish gravel. (not at all) My initial inspection in mid-December leaves some questions.”
He explained, “The Clare County Road Commission selected Spicer Engineering to do the engineering work. The initial estimate by the CCRC was $10,000 with the township paying this cost. The engineering came in at $34,015.75. The Townships share (of the engineering costs) will be $17,007.87, nearly three times the original estimated engineering cost.”
He summarized the Kapplinger Road project.
Initial estimates – (contracts issued December 1, 2020):

  1. Project estimate $172,898.20 with Grant Township’s cost not to exceed $86,399.10.
  2. Engineering estimate $10,000 – Township share $5,000.
  3. Total anticipated costs (estimated) $182,798.20 with Grant’s share at $91,399.10.
    Actual costs to date:
  4. Total project current cost $215,670.10 (without finish gravel estimated at $40,000).
  5. Engineering costs $34,015.75.
  6. Total current costs – $249,685.85 (Grant is currently paid up at $120,686.79. The remainder is CCRC in-kind costs and their match.
    Dysinger told the board, “Be prepared in February to discuss this project further. I have approved the invoices to the CCRC to be sure our bills are current. I am lobbying to have asphalt millings installed on Kapplinger instead of 22A/23A gravel because I am apprehensive [about] the current quality of gravel.
    He continued, “I am assuming responsibility for the Kapplinger project shortcomings. I should have been more involved this past summer. There also seems to be a misunderstanding that the Township will pave Kapplinger. I have assured anyone who poses this question that [paving] is NOT in the budget. The last time Grant Township converted two miles of gravel to pavement was 16 years ago. The current plan for three years out does not allow for further gravel to paved surfaces.
    Dysinger told the board that a revised road plan (number 2) would be presented at the February meeting.
    Dysinger also reported on using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for improvement to the Hall saying, “I spoke with Chris Penny at CJP Architecture in Auburn regarding the creation of that project scope and the estimated costs.
    He said, “The current cost analysis landed at about $225 per square foot. Maybe higher. My earlier estimated was short and it seems $350,000 would likely cover our costs, but it could cost an additional amount. I heard the board say we should use all of the money.”
    He told the board, “Be prepared to begin the process for the initial architectural and engineering analysis.”
    Business at the remainder of the Township meeting included:
    *Postponing the possibility of revisiting the mobile home requirements that Building Inspector Barry VanBuskirk requested last month. Dysinger said, “When I have the new language developed it will be on the agenda at that time.
    *Board approval for the training of Board of Review members;
    *Setting the March budget workshops for March 15 at 6:30 p.m. and March 22 at 6:30 p.m.
    *Setting the Public Hearing and adoption of the budget for March 22 at 7 p.m.
    *Approving to payment of bills totaling $13,799.73.

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