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Osceola Township appoints Rogers

By John Raffel

MARION – The Osceola Township board, at a recent meeting, voted to appoint Nick Rogers as a Planning Commission member.
It was pointed out Seth Hutchinson will be moving out of the township and the board will need a replacement for his spot on the Planning Commission/Board of Appeals.
The board will look for potential replacements.
In the library report, it was announced the annual dinner profited $1,200. The book sale continued until July 23.
The board voted to sign the audit engagement letter. The board also approved to use the election security grant on security for the township hall and for the clerk’s home office.
The township will check on roof repair.
On the marijuana issue, it was reported the township received a phone call from a property owner who indicated he would like some type of monitoring device to measure odor and he would fill out an application.
It was reported the township sign on 80th Avenue is in rough condition and the supervisor will check with the Road Commission on this and will also see if there’s some way to have light-up arrows on the corner at River Road.

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